Chief Designer 

Created ATMO, According To My Opinions also known as ATMOSPHERE LAB. The vision is to identify uniqueness of the brand, characteristics and translate into distinctive design elements that imprint core brand values in space, creating a truly memorable experience.

I grew as an architect through identifying unique characteristics, translating them into distinctive design elements that imprint the core values in space, and then delivering finished products in a professional manner.I hope you will share my passion and excitement through my work. 


SPACE is most often described as both abstract shapes as well as inquanti able square footage. As I embark on my journey to become aprofessional architect, I discovered the beautiful process in transforming basicgeometric shapes into buildings: it is an art to KISS “Keep It Simple Stupid”and then at the right moment, enhance the brevity with the right amountof details to put meaning into aesthetics and turn space into dialogues. 

This site is a collection of my “dialogues” during my first year at SCI-Arc. I had non-stop adventures onto the frontiers of design theories suchas metamorphism, methodologies and technologies, and architecturalhistory in classics through avant-garde. I explored the realms of structure,light, materials, and tectonics and gained new perspectives in architecture. 

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