Olympics Housing + 50 years 

Paris 2024 + 50 years

TILES is designed with the the problem of rising water levels in Paris. Tiles is the solution that embraces the water element, by creating a safe and livable environment during a flood crisis.

During rainy season, the site is excavated and used as a flood relief zone and any overflow will go into the Seine. 

The street level is equipped with community facilities such as a basketball court and common area. The 1st floor acts as a network that connects all housing together through bridges. When the city enters a major flood that encompasses the street level, people can commute safely from above ground.

Focusing on the 2024 Paris Olympics, aim to initiate a reflection about the effects that an event of this scale can have on the urban fabric of the a city (Greater Paris*) and to highlight the 'how' and 'why' it participates in its next evolution.

*Greater Paris: A plan to extend paris administrative limits in order to include the suburbs that surrounds it.

Objectives: The original plan for the Metropole declared these objectives; "The Metropole of Grand Paris is established in order to define and implement metropolitan action to improve the quality of life of its residents, reduce inequalities between regions within it, to develop an urban, social and economic sustainability model, tools to improve attractiveness and competitiveness for the benefit of the entire national territory. The Métropole of Grand Paris is developing a metropolitan project. The residents are associated with its development according to the guidelines determined by the metropolitan council as laid down by the development council.

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