Front Exterior 
Erica Li designed, remodelled and project managed these apartment units. The apartment units were built in the early 1900s and as not well maintained through out the decades. Losing its original design, it has become an eyesore within its neighbourhood and lost its glamour and characteristic. During the beginning of the design stage, we discovered a variety of structural problems, some that needed to be implementation and others reinforcement with new structural engineering and designs. Erica worked along side an engineer who developed a design that enhanced the original structure and brought it up to date with to modern style vacation homes. 

Project period: 6 months. 
Location: Santa Monica
Contractor: Peter Cho & Micheal
Build: 1900
little morning coffee news paper reading area 
Kitchen with an island, great place to have breakfast 
Having friends over? No problem, 6 person dinning table at your service. 
Kitchen & dinning area

relax..... is the key to this house.

Master bedroom
Front Exterior 
Front Exterior with front porch area
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