A family-sized kit for water chlorination and filtration, to ensure safe, easy, pure water for drinking and cooking.

Team: Elizabeth Bayne (GRAD FILM) & Erica Li (ENV)

Our team’s challenge is to address the issue of safe drinking and cooking water to prevent disease. Water treatment has been tackled in many different ways, by many different groups, but the challenge was in solving it in the context of the campamentos in Santiago, Chile. We found that existing solutions for subsistence conditions weren’t quite appropriate, as residents had access to municipal water. But high-end solutions used in developed urban areas also didn’t fit due to a lack of infrastructure and running water. We had to design a water treatment product for people in the middle: people who have infrequent access to water and store it for several days at a time.

How do campamento residents currently treat water that may have been contaminated en route to the mediagua home or during storage? Either by boiling or adding chlorine; however, these treatment methods are used infrequently, if at all. Boiling takes time and energy. Measuring chlorine accurately is difficult and inconvenient.

Agua Segura is an easy-to-use purification and filtration kit that fits onto any standard bucket. Chlorine is already part of the families’ daily cleaning routine, and Agua Segura’s built-in measuring device makes it easy and fast to accurately chlorinate water at the point-of-use. A filter pack of activated carbon (produced through local sustainable business models) removes potentially harmful chlorine byproducts, and improves the odor and taste. Agua Segura’s design inspires confidence, and promotes safe and accurate water treatment.

IDEA 2011 Bronze Design - team
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