My project is to challenge the status quo, by representing architecture in a different perspective though lines. Through this different lens we are able to grasp a complete story but understanding spacial relations, materials, process, objects, and views. By doing so, I'm able to gain more data and inform design.

Currently, in architecture we are using specific lines in a very specific manner to represent detailed objects. And we've always seen the world of blueprints and architecture in this manner - its our status quo, we are used to it because it makes sense to us. But lines in this manner, doesn't necessarily tell the full story.

I've chosen a space that already uses "lines" in the physical world. The winery uses lines in the planting and cultivation of grapes, they use lines in production and fermenting of grapes. Winery is a complex place that combines nature, mechanical processes, chemical processes, and labor - and I want to represent these aspects through line representation. 

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